Updating Your Education, Employment and Involvement History

Maintaining your “SigEp resume” is easy with new features built into the profile section of mySigEp. If you’ve attained a professional degree or started a new job, you can log your history within mySigEp. Keep track of all your involvement in one place to make it easier for your brothers to find you and keep up with what you’re doing! To update your education, employment, or campus/community involvement history:

1. Click “My Profile” from the main mySigEp home screen
2. To the right of your contact information and communication preferences, you’ll see three links: 1) Education History, 2) Employment History, and 3) Campus & Community Involvement. Navigate to the appropriate page you’d like to update.
3. You can either add a new record or update an existing record. If your organization isn’t listed, check the box to type in the organization name manually.

Make sure to maintain these records over time!