Searching the mySigEp Directory

Staying in touch with your brothers and reconnecting with “lost” members has never been easier. For the first time, you can now search a directory of all brothers, alumni and volunteers. To begin your search:

1. Navigate to the “Directory” from your main mySigEp home page.
2. Select a category from the drop down to search from (first name, last name, chapter, etc.)
3. Type in what you want to search for and press the search button
4. To add other categories to make your search more specific, follow the same steps above to add additional categories

At a glance, only basic identifying information is available. To view additional details, click the three dots to the right of the person’s name to view additional contact details that this individual has opted to share.

How to Provide Updates for Other Brothers

See someone in the directory with missing or incorrect information? You can easily provide updates that will help improve the overall accuracy of your chapter’s alumni database. To make an update to someone else’s record in mySigEp, follow these instructions:

1. Perform the desired search in the mySigEp directory.
2. Once you’ve verified the contact you’re looking for, click on the [ ••• ] button to the right of their name to view additional details. 
3. Click on the “Update Contact Information” link and provide the updated information
4. A member of the Headquarters staff will be notified that you provided an update. To prevent unintentional errors, our staff is responsible for viewing and verifying the change in information. While your update is not applied automatically, most updates are made within 1-3 business days. 

Thank you for helping improve your chapter’s alumni database!

NOTE: AVC Presidents can download the chapter’s roster from the AVC roster tool.