Apply for Early Alumni Status

Per the Grand Chapter bylaws, a member is considered an alumnus upon graduating or by applying for an early-alumni status given extenuating circumstances. An undergraduate can apply for early alumni status if he is in good standing with the chapter, has received a majority vote of the members in good standing of the undergraduate chapter, and has written consent of the Alumni and Volunteer Corporation and chapter counselor. We also require a formal letter written by the chapter president and vice president of finance to ensure the member is in good academic and financial standing. 

To begin the early-alumni application process, the chapter president must initiate the first step. Chapter presidents should follow these steps to get started:

1. Login to mySigEp and select the chapter’s name from the group selector in the top right corner.
2. Click the “Forms” icon and select the “Application for Early Alumni Status” form
3. Complete the form with all necessary information – including the brother’s name, uploading minutes from the chapter meeting documenting where the brother received a majority vote, and the letters of recommendation from the chapter president and vice president of finance.
4. Upon submitting the form, the chapter counselor and AVC president will then be given the final opportunity to approve in sequence. If any of these positions are vacant, it will go to the next individual or if both positions are vacant, it will go directly to Headquarters for final approval.

NOTE: This is NOT the way to designate graduated members as new alumni. To update a member’s status upon graduation, please follow the steps here to change his status to “Alumnus”. This process is only to apply for early alumni status if the member is still an undergraduate student.