Checking Fund Balances

Balances of funds held by the SigEp Educational Foundation are now available to view in mySigEp. Each quarter, the previous quarter’s fund activity will be uploaded for your convenience.

Keep in mind – some funds operate like a checking account, with the full balance available for immediate use, while others are invested as an endowment with 4.25% of the 12 Quarter Rolling Average available for use. If you have questions about your fund’s distribution policy, please view fund details on your fund. 

Chapter/AVC Funds

To view chapter or AVC-related funds, you must be a member of the alumni and volunteer corporation. To find funds, follow these instructions:

1. Select the AVC from the group selector in the top right corner
2. Select the “AVC Funds Dashboard” button to view the chapter’s scholarship funds, available scholarship amounts, and fund details.

Click the “View Fund Details” button to view a fund’s Quarterly Fund Activity reports for previous quarters.

Click the “View Donors” button to view a list of donors and gifts to a fund during this fiscal year (July 1 – June 30).

Donor-Created Funds

Some donors have established funds with the SigEp Educational Foundation, and they can view the performance of those funds via mySigEp.

To find your donor-created fund:
1. Login to mySigEp
2. Click on the “My Giving History” tile
3. Near the top of the page, donors who have established endowment funds will see a statement that says, ” Thanks for being a donor who’s established a fund with the SigEp Educational Foundation, click here to view Fund Performance.” Click into this link to see the details of your fund. 
In View Fund Details, you’ll see past financial data, and the fund’s impact.

Understanding Your Quarterly Fund Report

The definitions below may help you better understand the data in your quarterly fund report. 

BALANCES: The fund’s balance at the beginning and end of the period.
CONTRIBUTIONS: Gifts made during the period.
PROGRAM ALLOCATION: A portion of each contribution providing immediate support to undergraduate leadership programs and resources.
MARKET PERFORMANCE: Change in fund balanced resulting from unrealized investment gains or losses during the period.
DISBURSEMENTS: Scholarship or program grant disbursements during the period.
FEES: Management and administrative fees critical to supporting the SigEp Educational Foundation’s operations and services, inclusive of endowment management.

Additional information on the SigEp Educational Foundation’s gift and fund management policies can be found at

If you have any questions regarding this report or require additional information, please contact or by phone at 804-353-1901.

Understanding Giving Options and Balances on Chapter Sites

The balances reflected on your Chapter Site represent received donations. To view complete activity reports and fund balances, please visit the “AVC Funds Dashboard” on mySigEp.

If you have questions about the three giving options displayed on your Chapter Site, please reach out to