Reporting New Members

Article VI, Section 1 of the Grand Chapter Bylaws require that new members are registered with the Grand Chapter within 24 hours of a new member accepting his invitation to join. Reporting new members is easier than ever with mySigEp’s built-in potential new member list functionality. After we have updated his PNM status to “Bid Extended”, here’s how you can report your new members:

1. Find the brother you want to report in the “Bid Extended” column.
2. Click the purple “Report” button.
3. Select the names of those potential new members you’d like to report as new brothers. First name, last name, email address and phone number are required fields in order to report a new member. Please ensure these members are not already on your roster before reporting.
4. Assign a join date. This is the date that will be printed on the new member’s certificate and membership card, so please make sure this is accurate. 
5. Press submit and the members will be immediately added to the chapter’s roster.

After you report your new members, the new member will be listed on your roster immediately and your chapter will be automatically invoiced for each new member’s lifetime registration fee of $300. Your chapter will pay for his membership from the statement of accounts.

New members are no longer able to pay for their own lifetime membership fee directly. The chapter must submit payment and collect reimbursement from each new member. This process change allows us to give your new members access to the BMP App immediately and begin preparing his new member materials box sooner.

Please reminder your new members to finish their mySigEp registration by following the link in their email. New members will be asked where they would like their materials shipped, and this is the only way they will receive their new member box. New members who have not completed their registration will not receive their new member box.

NOTE: Per the Grand Chapter Bylaws, the chapter is eligible for a $150 credit if a new member resigns from the Fraternity within 30 days of joining. To request a credit, please update his membership status from the mySigEp roster and email