Creating New Activities


We’ve made administering the Balanced Man Program much easier for challenge coordinators by creating a new “Challenge Administration” hub that centralizes all administration functionality to one page. You’ll see step by step instructions in the desktop version of the BMP App.

Each Balanced Man Program challenge consists of meetings and activities.

“Activities” are opportunities for your brothers to continue investing in themselves, in an individual or group setting. These are usually done at a member’s own pace and can fall under all five areas of development.

The first step in creating your Balanced Man Program challenge is to create the activities that your challenge participants will be responsible for completing at their own pace. Click the “View Activities Database” to view sample activities or other activities that have already been created and create your own by clicking “Create New”!

The purple laptop icon indicates content that can be done virtually and the green spreadsheet icon indicates a template activity that was preloaded for your convenience!