Completing Your Registration

Upon being reported as a new member by an officer, new members will be invited to the mySigEp portal to complete their registration. New members will not be able to access the rest of their mySigEp portal until they complete their registration. Additionally, if you’re logging into mySigEp, you’ll also have to verify your information through this process. To complete your registration:

1. Update your preferred name, contact information and mailing address.
2. Provide parent or guardian contact information, or choose not to provide this information.
3. Provide an address for the new member materials box (including the Lifetime Responsibility of Brotherhood book, balanced man pin, and membership certificate) to be shipped. If using a dorm or apartment address, please make sure to include your room and building number.
4. Click Save to be automatically redirected to the main profile page.

NOTE – you may not be able to access the chapter tools you need or the Balanced Man Program App without first completing your registration.