View/Edit Chapter Dashboards

Chapter dashboards are a great way to stay connected with the chapter’s progress over time. They are visible to all chapter alumni and cover a multitude of chapter operations, including academic performance, recruitment progress and BMP App usage. These dashboards allow chapter officers and volunteers to set goals, track year-to-year results, and set a strategic plan that’ll help improve the chapter.

The data in these dashboards are a combination of self-reporting, assessments from staff service providers, and calculations from actions taken in various other parts of the technology ecosystem (for example, recruiting new members and submitting activities in the BMP App are automatically calculated nightly when those actions are taken). It is your responsibility to ensure this information is accurate and well-kept, as this data could be used in the awards application process and when providing the chapter service. If you see any discrepancies or would like more information on the statistic, please email for more information. 

Reporting Your Chapter’s GPA

One dashboard that the chapter should review and update on a semesterly basis is the academic dashboard. This dashboard shows the chapter’s GPA, new members’ GPA, and all-campus average GPA for the ten most recent semesters (NOTE: SigEp tracks GPA statistics on a semesterly basis. If your school is on the quarter system, please average the two quarters into one semester). Most universities publish a community-wide report for fraternities and sororities after each semester. It is your responsibility to update these statistics directly on the dashboard. 

To update the chapter’s academic statistics, follow these instructions:

1. Login to mySigEp and select the chapter from the group selector in the top right corner.
2. Select the “Dashboards” icon and navigate to the Academics Dashboard.
3. Find the semester you wish to update, likely indicated by a “0” or blank cell. Click the “Update GPA Data” in the row you wish to update.
4. In the pop-up form, transcribe the relevant data points into the appropriate cells and upload the documentation for validation.
5. Press submit, then refresh the dashboard. After a few moments, the dashboard should now reflect your newly reported GPA statistics.