Updating Your AVC and Mentor Committee

Managing your AVC and mentor committee rosters has never been easier. Ensuring the right people are listed on your AVC will help them get the right information that they need to be successful in their role, including onboarding materials and periodic updates from SigEp. To update your AVC or mentor committee roster, follow these steps:

1. Select the AVC from the group selector tool in the top right corner of the screen
2. Click on the “Officers” icon
3. Review your roster for any inconsistencies or errors. To add a new role, select “New Role”
4. Search for the contact. If you’re having trouble finding the contact, try searching for their last name and view the results. If you’re adding a non-member, please email volunteers@sigep.net with the information so we can get them added for you. Add their role and term start date, and save the record. (See below for instructions on adding a Chapter Counselor or Balanced Man Steward)
5. To end a term or edit the dates of a current officer, click the [ ••• ] button to the right of the contact and select the appropriate option.

Please note – you are responsible for managing your own AVC’s roster. We often copy in relevant mentor committee and AVC officers to specific communications and updates, and it’s important to have the most current people on file. If the wrong person is receiving the email, you must login to mySigEp to update the rosters to ensure the correct person receives the update moving forward.

Adding a Chapter Counselor or Balanced Man Steward

Chapter Counselors and Balanced Man Stewards are nationally appointed roles that require the district governor’s approval. The AVC is authorized to make this change in mySigEp, but the final appointment must be officially approved by the district governor.

1. Select the AVC from the group selector tool in the top right corner of the screen
2. Click on the “Officers” icon
3. Click the “Add Role” button at the top right
4. Find the appropriate contact. Search by last name or known email address if you’re having trouble finding the correct contact.
5. Assign the volunteer the role of Chapter Counselor or Balanced Man Steward. 

Upon submission, the district governor will receive a notification to review and approve the appointment. If there is no current district governor for your district, the Headquarters staff will be notified and follow-up with you if necessary. If you are attempting to report a non-member as one of these positions, please email volunteers@sigep.net.

Standardized Naming Conventions

We currently have no plans to increase the selection of roles in mySigEp for AVCs due to the challenge of balancing an appropriate number of roles against the diversity of titles used by AVCs (for example, treasurer, controller, VP of finance, etc.). Since AVCs operate independently and can designate their roles as they prefer, incorporating every possible title variation would be impractical and could lead to omissions.

Moreover, the roles in mySigEp correspond with our available training resources for AVC members. Expanding roles without supporting resources would lead to requests for training materials we are not prepared to offer. We recommend choosing the closest role match or using the General AVC Member or General Mentor designation for those without an exact fit, ensuring volunteers receive recognition for their contribution.