Logging into the BMP App

The new version of the BMP App uses your Fraternity-Sorority ID (FSID) to login. This is the same username and password that you use to access mySigEp and greekbill. 

If you haven’t yet setup your account with FSID, you may do so by visiting mysigep.org and clicking “Sign Up”. Search for your account by typing in basic contact information and the email address that SigEp HQ has on file for you. If for some reason you encounter an error, we’ll receive a notification and help you resolve the issue. Once the system has found your account and you’ve completed your registration, you can bypass this step in the future. 

Now, head on back over to the mobile or desktop versions of the BMP App and click “Login With FSID” to get started!

If you attempt to use your former username (likely ending in .sigep), you will not be able to login. That username is no longer valid. FSID is the only method to login to the BMP App now.