Deploying a Challenge

You’re almost there – you’re ready to deploy your challenge to eligible challenge participants from the new “Challenge Administration” page! The most recently edited challenges are listed in Step #3. Click on the one you created and get ready to deploy.

When you get to the next screen, you’ll be ready to set a “start date”, assign the appropriate coordinators and Vice President of Member Development, and select which members you want to deploy your newly created challenge to.

If there are no members listed in the list of members who you can deploy a challenge to, they may still have outstanding activities that need approved from their last challenge. To fix this, make sure the challenge coordinator from their most recent challenge has approved all of the activities necessary to get them to 100%. That will finalize their last challenge and make them eligible to be deployed the next one. 

NOTE – when a new member is added to your roster, the first challenge he is eligible for is the Sigma Challenge. If for any reason you want to start him off in a different challenge (for example, a transfer student who has already been through the Sigma Challenge or an upperclassman who would benefit from the Epsilon Challenge), email and we can help you get him slated for the correct challenge.