Export Directory Search Results

The mySigEp directory makes it simple to network with brothers and stay connected with chapter members from across the nation. AVC presidents now have the ability to export those search results to an Excel spreadsheet. This could be particularly helpful if you’re working with a printer to mail an annual newsletter, filling AVC or mentor committee vacancies or performing advanced filter/sort functions. 

NOTE: To prevent misuse, AVC presidents are currently the only role-holder able to export their search results from the mySigEp directory.

To conduct a search and export your results, follow these steps:

1. Navigate to the “Directory” from your main mySigEp home page.
2. Select a category from the drop down to search from (first name, last name, chapter, etc.)
3. Type in what you want to search for and press the search button
4. To add other categories to make your search more specific, follow the same steps above to add additional categories
5. Once you’re comfortable with the query, press the red “Export” button next to the search button. This will export basic information about the people listed in your search results. Over time, we’ll be adding additional exportable fields, such as roles held, programs attended, and awards received.