The Balanced Man Program is the defining experience for every SigEp in every chapter. Focused on meeting the needs of young men today, the BMP provides essential programming and real-life skills that can’t be found in the classroom. Through fun and engaging group activities, the program enriches each brother’s life at every stage of his college journey, from acclimating to college as a freshman to graduating prepared for life after college.

More than 30 years ago, SigEp’s Balanced Man Program revolutionized the fraternal world by ending pledging and offering continuous, self-paced development for every brother. Through today’s modernized BMP, SigEp’s goal is that college is the best years of a young man’s life — so far.

our GOALS:

BMP and SLC is wholly evaluated and revised to meet undergraduate needs

SigEp retains 70% of members through graduation

Sound Mind & Sound Body

SigEps work daily to improve their mental wellness and physical fitness. They possess the confidence and resilience to dream big, overcome adversity and accomplish anything.


SigEps live a lifestyle of leadership grounded in our cardinal principles of Virtue, Diligence and Brotherly Love. They have a defined set of personal values that guide decision-making. SigEps lead with heart by celebrating personal and team successes.

Relationship & Communication

SigEps know how to build deep and meaningful relationships. They can persuade, influence and communicate, even during tough conversations. SigEps can connect with anyone in a room, regardless of background, age or experience.


SigEps set a vision for their life and seek to realize their full potential alongside their brothers. Through honest self-reflection, they identify their individual purpose and set clear action plans. SigEps reach their potential through disciplined pursuit of their goals.

SigEp’s national programs are the best in the fraternity world at shaping the lives of undergraduate leaders who will go on to impact their communities. These programs are a highlight of the SigEp experience for many undergraduates who benefit from these opportunities to learn essential leadership skills and learn from brothers from other chapters.