Purchase Directors & Officers Insurance

Directors & officers (D&O) liability coverage is available for purchase for alumni and volunteer corporations (AVCs) and chapters. SigEp recommends that every AVC and chapter purchase D&O coverage, as it provides broader protection and coverage for different exposures than those covered by SigEp’s general liability policy. 

To purchase D&O coverage, follow these instructions:

1. Login to mySigEp. If this is your first time logging into mySigEp, use method #3 to claim your account.
2. Upon logging in, from the mySigEp homepage, select “Purchase D&O Insurance” from the Forms dropdown. 
3. Select the AVC you wish to pay for. This list will display all AVCs that you have volunteered with. After making your purchase this year, you’ll be able to see the last time the coverage has been purchased, which may be helpful in future years to ensure you’re covered.
4. Complete the form and select “Pay Online Now” to use a credit card or “Pay By Check” to indicate that someone will be mailing a physical check. 
5. Payments can be made online by credit card, or you can print the invoice and mail a check made payable to Sigma Phi Epsilon to 310 S. Arthur Ashe Boulevard, Richmond, VA 23220. In circumstances where the chapter is responsible for paying this invoice, mailing a physical check is the only option. In this case, the AVC must initiate the request and select the “Pay By Check” option. 


NOTE: in the rare circumstance where you may see both the chapter and AVC from the list of selectable entities, please select only the AVC. Chapters do not need to purchase additional coverage. 

The premium payment to receive coverage for 2021 is due by March 1, 2021. 

For any additional questions on the coverage, email member safety director Chad Stegemiller.